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Is it weird to officially accept an offer before visiting?


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I don't know if this is the best place for my question, since this is also related to visiting, but since I've already been accepted I thought this might be the more appropriate place.


So I've been accepted to a Ph.D program at a school where I pretty much already decided I want to attend, as in... part of me already planned my life around going there.


It's perfect in many ways, such as reputation/ranking (of program and entire university), research, funding, location; I'll also already be there for a summer program, so the moving logistics will be much easier if I just go there for my Ph.D as well (and it's also not too far away from where I'm currently at).


The thing is that the campus visit isn't until April 2-3, so I was wondering if it'd be weird to accept before I visit. Like isn't the part of point of these visits for these programs to try to make you choose their program over your other offers? 


I'm not even worried about stuff like not clicking with other students right away or anything like that, and my current professors have already told me that my people I'm interested in working with are great. The question is more if it'd be weird to them (and other prospective students) if I decide to accept before visiting.


Obviously the department will be happy because it's a really competitive program and they did choose to accept me, so let me know if I'm just worrying for no reason, haha...



I'm just being a bit impatient because I want to be able to actually figure out some of the logistics in terms of moving, since I'll also be traveling to visit family and then move out of my current place to move to the school and whatnot. It's hard to plan anything (or talk to people about it) when it's not official... 



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Take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'd say just wait out the next three weeks or so. If you have other options, keep them open too. If you have no other option then I assume it wouldn't be the worst thing to accept admission, but I would personally wait until visitation weekend. Why? You might have a different feel of the school. A professor might not seem like the right choice. Another's research is different than what you've seen, as that is his past work, perhaps. A lot of things can come up that might change your mind or leave you wondering if its the right place.


I'd say hold on for a few weeks!

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Seems like you've already got your heart set on going there. I say go ahead and commit to the program before your visit. After all, visit days are for more than just helping you decide who's program to choose.

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Well, I'd personally want to meet or at least speak to a PI on the phone before accepting. They might not be a good personality match for you, even if they are good people. Also, university webpages can be out of date - one school looked perfect for me, and when I visited I learned much of what appealed to me is not actually there anymore, so now I will likely not attend. If you have other options, I'd wait it out and decide after visiting. You can still look into the logistics and planning, but there could be a nasty surprise when you visit.

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Is there any reason to actually accept the program before April 2-3? For example, is there a funding opportunity that would be missed if you wait?


If not, then there is nothing in it for you to accept early. What if the visit turns out completely unexpected and everything you thought about this school was wrong?? 


I understand wanting to make a choice and move on but you can do this without formally accepting. I think it's okay to get in the "I'm going to School X" mindset. You can start tentatively planning the move and all that stuff if you're excited about it! :) Also, I agree with the others that a visit day is more than just helping you choose. I was pretty sure I would pick a certain school (and I did!) so I spent some of the visit day times to walk around neighbourhoods where I might live to scout out potential apartments etc.


In the meantime, you can even decline/withdraw all but one of your other applications too. I'm sure other students waiting to hear from those programs would appreciate it. Since I'm assuming you'd visit other schools before April 2, once you decide what is your "2nd choice", you can decline/withdraw from the rest!

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