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McGill vs NYU


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Initially tending for the first one, I was forced to reconsider once I was presented with the funding offer.



Reputation and Research topic is a tie. Its a matter of funding now I think



10k for first and second year then all relies on external funding (grant applications + RA+ TA, cant do TA and RA on first year)



23k for 4 years 


NYU is clearly a better offer. However cost of life is much higher too, so I dont actually know where would life be harder. Montreal means that I will have to find external funding and possibly a part-time job, so very unstable and unsure. My personality is definetely closer to montreal rather than ny (which it aint bad at all but i like quieter places). 



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I am not from US so i think it will be already quite different on resume. Also im afraid that having to rely to external grants (industrial grants in particular) or part time job would take precious time away and make the phd much longer (thats what i hearf from current mcgill students)

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This doesn't seem to be an easy decision. The limited duration of McGill's funding is concerning; however, I'm not sure how far living off of $23,000 in NYC will get you. The financial gap between both offers might not be as great as you think as NYU is very expensive, however you are guaranteed 4 years funding at NYU and only 2yrs at McGill. Perhaps someone else can comment on living costs in NYC as a means of comparison.


As for Montreal, you could live on $1,000/mth if you're on a tight budget. Ex: renting a room in a shared apartment = $400-600/mth, a private bachelor apartment (called a 1 1/2) = $500-700/mth, public transportation approx $80/mth or cheaper if under 25yrs of age (or free if you live walking distance to campus), groceries (depends on what you eat, maybe $50-70/wk). Restaurants are cheap in Montreal. You can get dinner in a casual restaurant for $9-12 (ex: most asian restaurants, mexican, middle eastern - shawarma, rotisserie chicken restaurants, etc.)  Perhaps someone else here can provide a similar comparison for NYC. 


Also keep in mind health insurance costs in both countries.


Of course, you will need more money for emergencies, travel, trips back home for holidays, entertainment, etc. This outline was merely meant give you an idea of your basic living costs.    

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Here is an update on NYU:


offer is 26k for year 1 and 2


and 30k for years 3 and 4 (however I will have to pay tuition fees in this year which I am not sure whats the amount for it, asked for clarification)

possible TAs and RAs can bring in some extra



Health insurance costs are included in the calculation

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