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International Relations programs/research

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Hi everybody,

So I met with the director of one of the PhD programs (International Relations) I plan on applying to, and everything was all good. Except that it dawned on me that my interests are too broad. It's too hard narrowing down and i am having a hard time knowing what exactly I want to work on. I am interested in international development, human rights, education, poverty eradication, corruption...(I know, too much) Also I really want to work on Africa. After a lot of thoughts all day (I also thought about foregoing the whole PhD idea). Anyway I realized that reading journals and papers would help identify and narrow my interest. basically, I want to read more papers. This is where I need your help. Can you please direct me to a website or any recommendation on articles and books in the International Relations.


Also, I'd prefer to apply to programs specifically for International Relations/Studies, but that are more qualitative, if you can recommend any of those. Thank you

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