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Notifying Potential Employers of Graduate Study


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I have what may be a really stupid question, but isn't that what anonymity is for?  ;)


Is it appropriate to inform potential employers of your intention to pursue graduate study while working? And if so, how? 


I'm going to need to work full time to afford school and the cost of living in DC. I would think that being accepted into "Good Program" with the intent to attend could send a good signal to employers. On the other hand, I could see how it might come across as arrogant and/or presumptuous. 


Do any of you have experience with this? 

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I am in the favorable position of having my employer continue to pay my full salary while I study full-time, with me attending to only very minimal work responsibilities while earning my degree (about one hour per week). However, they will not pay my tuition.


If possible, I recommend that you execute the necessary kung fu to produce a similar arrangement (...but unlike me, get them to foot the tuition bill as well).

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