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  1. Just to add on to my prior post. For people who are less familiar with federal employment practices w/in the GS system specifically, positions are classified into occupational series, as defined by the OPM. This is also true for pretty much all of the GS jobs you will apply for on USAjobs. Your application will be compared to the OPM criteria for that role, and you either meet them or you don't, end of story. It is good to identify occupational series that interest you and ensure that whatever preparation you intend to undergo meets the OPM guidance at a minimum.
  2. @16381776 Great posts, and I think it would be great for anyone thinking about working for the federal government to read them, whether or not they want to go into intelligence. The only caveat I would add is to the comment above. For some specialized positions within the federal government, a minimum number of credit hours may be required in a given subject, such as math, stats, or econ. In that case, it doesn't strictly matter what type of program you did (for undergrad or grad), but it does matter that one of your degrees contains the requisite coursework.
  3. The concern that I have most often heard expressed is that people will do IBR and not cover interest, their loans will balloon while they are anticipating PSLF, and due to either their misunderstanding of their eligibility or to Congress dropping the program they will be saddled with massive debt.
  4. Don't bank on it. In my experience public services employees lol at people who are expecting PSLF to actually pay out.
  5. I actually first did grad school apps straight out of undergrad, got into multiple programs, and got no funding. I opted to wait and work. I really can't overstate how much I gained from working for a couple of years. I think too many people look at passing up offers in order to work as a sign of defeat, but I personally couldn't stomach the debt. I am doing the DC program. I am already in the area and I like the idea of sticking around.
  6. @lackey, thanks! I am over the moon about the offer. SAIS has been my top choice program for awhile.
  7. I received a full tuition offer, so I am nearly certain that I will be going to SAIS.
  8. Lot's of people interested in defense and intel work with three letter agencies. It was over a year ago now, so I don't remember a whole lot more than that.
  9. My understanding is that the MSFS is not very quantitative and SSP is not quantitative at all. In fact, I went to an open house for SSP and asked a current student about the quant requirements and/or opportunities. The student looked around cautiously before stating that they do exactly 0 math or stats. He said that if I wanted to do anything quantitative, I should just go to SAIS.
  10. There is an admitted students Facebook page. The early admits got invites via email shortly after decisions were released - the next day if I'm remembering correctly.
  11. First of all, congrats!! I'm one of the early admits and someone from that group confirmed w/ financial aid that funding offers are renewed for the second year as long as the student remains in good academic standing.
  12. Looking through previous years' postings like...
  13. Yeah, looking back through everything, I saw the first acceptance notification on last year's thread posted at 9:44 AM EST, and I received my rejection email at 4:19 PM.
  14. So, last year on the 10th (second Friday of the month and the Friday before the official results date) notifications started coming out via email on a flow basis. Double-checking my emails just now I'm seeing that I did get a rejection via email that day, but it was after a period of agonizing waiting.
  15. Not sure if this is true. I seem to recall that last year there was a gutting rolling notification, with admits getting direct emails first and the remainder (myself included) getting updates via the portal. notified later via email.
  16. This spurred a weird mental image of Sean Astin guiding Matt's hand as he signs admissions letters with triumphant strings swelling in the background.
  17. In this case that's a distinction without a difference, as it is still unreasonable to dismiss the exercise of ranking policy programs simply because some rankings will be bad, or because rankings will always be incomplete. It is a necessary reality of decision making that you must make simplifications in order to feasibly evaluate alternatives. I'm simply proposing one means of doing so that may be an improvement on the FP rankings by making clear some of the components that would factor into someone labeling program A as better than program B. I believe you've misunderstood o
  18. tl;dr These bad rankings don't make all rankings bad. While I would, and did, say that there is a limit to the value of these rankings as measures of the quality of the programs covered, I think dismissing the notion of rankings altogether is rather flippant. Moreover, I think your post misses the point of a ranking by focusing way too much on the expectation of some workplace social capital afforded to those who go to a higher ranked school, rather than focusing on what people who go to higher ranked schools actually achieve professionally relative to others. If middling graduates the t
  19. Also worth checking out are the contending companion articles: It’s Never Been a Better Time to Study IR by Francis Gavin of SAIS America’s IR Schools Are Broken by Stephen Walt of HKS My key reflection on the rankings is to bear in mind that they are compiled from "Responses from 1,541 IR scholars at U.S. colleges and universities." A common thread through both of the accompanying essays is that traditional, academic IR is behind the eight ball to some degree when it comes to understanding and serving the modern requirements of practitioners in the field of IR. Given th
  20. I don't know that the funding level is guaranteed, but anecdotally I think that if the student is in good standing the offer is renewed for the second year.
  21. Got the funding notification around 3:30 EST
  22. Admitted. Waiting on aid email. I received an email to check the portal.
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