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Accepting then rejecting an offer


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Hey all, I was lucky enough to be accepted to both programs I applied to this year. I didn't think I'd get into either as my GPA was abysmal. One school is a well-known (in my state) Business program and the other is a top-tier Social Work program at a school I have always dreamed of attending. The business program accepted me back in January. The business school started pressuring me to reply and wanted a deposit within the month (obviously I have learned a thing or two from this experience). As I hadn't heard anything from the Social Work program for a long time (and figured the school was far too out of my league) I accepted the Business school offer and started looking for housing (program starts in July).

So of course yesterday I was accepted to that top tier Social Work program. Now I'm not sure how to go about letting the first school know I will not be attending. I'm pretty sure there's nothing they could say to make me change my mind and I'm okay with losing my deposit. (really, I am. It'll be okay, it was only $500, no big deal. Right? Right?!?)

Any suggestions for how to break it off on good terms? I want to do it as soon as possible as I was awarded a substantial award and know it could help someone else.

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I would just say, "I'm sorry, my circumstances have changed and I will no longer be attending School X. Thank you."


Just leave it at that. It's none of their business why.

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