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When should I start to be worried, post-interview?


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I had an interview on Tuesday the 17th at MUSC for a master's program. The interview went very well. The next Thursday, I got a response to a thank you e-mail stating that pending the rest of the decision's committee, she can guarantee me a spot in her lab. She also mentioned that she wasn't sure when the admissions committee would meet, but that it should be soon and she would strongly vouch for my admission. 

So, I've got someone who definitely wants me in her lab, but I have not heard anything since that e-mail response on Thursday. It has been two more business days now, and I've yet to receive any kind of notification one way or another. I know she wants me in her program, but lack of notice makes me paranoid. Has anyone here applied to MUSC and been accepted or rejected? Do they notify you via email or letter?


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I would say the 3 week mark is cause to worry. In this case since April 15 is coming up, I think April 1 (or maybe this Friday) is a good bet. Then you should think about emailing them back to ask.

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I agree with iphi. I know that the waiting is probably the worst part right now, but I don't think you will have to wait too much longer. Since you have someone who really wants you in their lab, I don't think you have anything to worry about. She won't forget you between now and whenever the admissions committee meets. Congratulations by the way! SC is a nice place to live and MUSC is a great program!

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