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  1. I'm upset that I didn't know about this forum/website sooner. I wish I could have been here earlier to share in everyone's experiences and offer support. To those who were accepted, CONGRATULATIONS!! Well done. That is absolutely fantastic. To those still waiting, I feel your pain. I feel I am slowly disintegrating into a ball of nothingness (maybe not that dramatic, but it is unnerving) To those who suffered rejection, we were too good for those schools anyway. The world needs us somewhere else. May I suggest boxing classes. A fantastic way to vent anger and frustration. Also, I a
  2. ERR_Alpha, I think your pre-application idea is interesting and worth further investigation. As for the rest of your process, I ASSUME to "an extent" (Please no one take this out of context) is similar to current adcom procedure barring the early notifications and some of the finer details. Overall, well done. My approach would be a little different. Applicants would participate in an obstacle course/puzzle challenge held in various locations across the country. Each puzzle trial would require critical thinking skills while the obstacles would require teamwork and collaboration. If too man
  3. I use to only check gradcafe results like 3-4 times a day and I was doing pretty well about refraining from checking my email. That was until five people posted that they heard back from my program today. Now... Refresh email every 5 minutes even though it gets pushed to my phone anyway. In between refreshes, I check the cafe results search to see anyone else posted from my program. Occasionally, I'll eat and sleep. lol...but seriously.
  4. I agree with iphi. I know that the waiting is probably the worst part right now, but I don't think you will have to wait too much longer. Since you have someone who really wants you in their lab, I don't think you have anything to worry about. She won't forget you between now and whenever the admissions committee meets. Congratulations by the way! SC is a nice place to live and MUSC is a great program!
  5. Congrats, shadowclaw, on the acceptance. Sad to hear that funding is still in question and that the waiting continues. Still, it's a step in the right direction. Wishing you the best!
  6. student_3

    Proving It

    I completely hear what you are saying! I don't have the GRE scores, but I have the tenacity and dedication. Just let me show you. I wish you the best in this application cycle so that in five years you can get on your roll. Best of luck!
  7. I know I'm late to the game, but still, congratulations! That is a sweet proposal.
  8. That lonely feeling when people are posting acceptances and rejections while you still haven't heard anything. Is no news good news?

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    2. FeministCorgi


      Eh, depends on programs. But decisions usually roll in by this week, the latest cause of APR 15th deadline.

    3. MidwesternAloha


      I finally caved and asked the school I'm waitlisted at when I could expect to hear something. They basically said, "as soon as everyone who got an offer responds to US" and said it may drag out forever. So, don't give up just yet!

    4. student_3


      Thank you for the support. I emailed the person in charge of the matching process and he said that it was "unlikely that we will be moving forward with your application." Not an official rejection, but some closure nonetheless.

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