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Looking for a Clinical/Counseling psych program with oversea options


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Hello all!


 My first post on Gradcafe. I accepted a place in Teachers College MA psych program concentrating in Global Mental Health. One of my primary interests is in mental health policy implementation in underdeveloped regions. I have a lot of international research experience and would love to continue that after I finish my MA. 


  I have been looking at clinical psych PhD programs and cannot find any oversea practicum or internship options. Do you guys know of any program in the US that allows oversea training or classes? Thank you all so much!

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I do not know specific programs available. However, the process to go into an international abroad internship tends to be similar across universities. The best bet would be to talk to university international studies' offices. Schools tend to have connections to other international programs. For instance, I had a masters program with a school with a heavy Student Affairs program. The school had a lot of international internship options with 1-2 programs abroad for their SA students.


Also, talk to these programs about the process to get an abroad internship. For some, they may be very open for you to reach out to programs yourself. However, others may tell you that the process is so convoluted (liability problems), to stick to the programs they have agreements with. 

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