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How to list up my schools wanted?

Sung Kyo Ahn

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Hey guys.


Could you guys please help me listing up schools that I want to apply?



I'm looking for a school that offers Masters of Science in Business Admnistration.


I googled it for a whole day and I don't think I am getting the right keyword for it.

(I just got Illinois University as a result)


Or is it just because very few schools offer program that I want?




If any of guys know the website or url where I can find the list please let me know.


I would really appreciate it.


Thank you so much.

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University of Southern California offers a Master of Science in Business Administration to those holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA): https://www.marshall.usc.edu/msba


Just to clarify, you are not looking into earning an MBA, but instead the MS in BA?

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Thanks for your info. I only have B.A degrees in Business Admnistration, so I guess that program won't work for me...



As you said, I am looking into earning MS in BA not an MBA.


I am planning on earning PHD(if possible) either in International Business or Strategy, so I am kind of seeking MS programs as a bridge.

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Yeah... I saw some doctoral students in Strategy or International Business who do have MBA degrees...

but I had thought MS degree will be better than seeking MBA degree.


What do you think?

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