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Ok so I'm in the General Psych MA Program but...


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Now I decide I want to go for School Psychology :o Would it be a waste of time in the general psych program? Is it possible to do general psych M.A and like get a School Psych Ph.D later on? My school doesn't offer school psychology only general psych M.A. I'm so confused now. Is it a big mistake? Should I transfer?

Ok I was just looking at the NASP website and it says certification for NY is : http://www.nasponline.org/certification ... st.aspx#NY

Department of Education Credential:

School Psychologist-requires either completion of a NYS registered graduate program in school psychology or 60 semester hours of graduate coursework in psychology leading to master's degree; internship approved by the graduate program (one year of paid, full-time approved experience as a school psychologist in a PreK-12 setting may be substituted for internship), Child Abuse Identification Workshop, and School Violence Prevention Workshop. Permanent certification requires 2 years of experience in a pupil personnel position.

Board of Psychology Credential:

Psychologist-requires doctoral degree in psychology, 2 years of supervised experience by a licensed psychologist (pre-doctoral: 1750 hour internship as part of doctoral program; post-doctoral:1750 hours) no more than a 45 hour work week, a passing converted score of at least 75 on EPPP, and certification as a Child Abuse Reporter. Requires 2 hours of weekly supervision, 1 of which must be face-to-face. Board does not license non-doctoral psychologists.

So if anything that I want to work in the department of education, I'm safe? Because it says "60 semester hours of graduate coursework in psych leading to master's degree"

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