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Got into grad school, but now I am scared


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After months of waiting, I finally was accepted to several graduate school for biomedical engineering. I am really happy about the results. Once the graduate school starts I will do rotation to find an interesting lab. However, I am scared. I fear that I won't be able to find an area of research that will spark a passion in me. Don't get me wrong, I love learning. But there is just too many areas of research I can choose from. I don't to make a bad decision and be bound for 5+ years doing something I don't like.


Is anyone feeling the same way? Or how did you decide what area of research/lab you wanted to get into?

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Do as many lab rotations as you are allowed to if you are genuinely interested in all these labs. You eventually have to pin-down one (or two labs for collaboration project, if possible) and commit to the lab for your PhD. It may help if you can start lab rotation early, like summer? Also, physically visit those labs will get you the experience of the working environment, which can be important to some students. One lab may have interesting research projects but with an environment that you may not like, so visiting those labs (or doing rotations in those labs) can help you determine (or eliminate) possible labs to join in the future.


Finally, talk to advisors/POI to see if they are taking any students of the incoming class (your class). That will also help narrowing down your list fairly quickly.

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