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UW-Stevens Point

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Hi everyone! Does anyone know when UWSP will be notifying people about GAs? The official acceptance letter I got from them said we would be notified separately but not when. 


Anyone else going to the open house on April 11th? So excited!


Also, I made a Facebook group for anyone considering attending here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1559311477673142/



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Sorry, thought that was a snark at me. :( I just know I was bummed when I learned initial offers went out at the university whose offer I accpeted as they hadn't contacted us about it, so I know it's good to hear that the initial offers went out. I the offers can trickle down to you guys though!

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No problem MangoSmoothie! I understand how meaning can be misunderstood. I am a little bummed about not receiving funding but I am happy to be going to grad school in general :)

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