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Visiting after you've accepted the offer?

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Hey all,


I hope this isn't too silly. I've already accepted an offer for a funded MA. I didn't visit before accepting the offer, but I have had many conversations with people within the program, both professors and students, and got a great feeling for what the program is like and I decided it is my best option.


The program director recommended that I visit, but since I've already accepted the offer, I'm a little unsure of what this visit could entail or what I should plan for, since it wouldn't be a visit to help me decide. I'm not sure if I should rush this visit in soon (I'd have to travel a few states), or if I should take my time and visit in the summer when I actually move to the same state as the school.


I obviously want to get a good feel for what the program and my TAship is going to entail in more detail, but I'm not sure how I should pace this visiting/meeting with the department stuff.


Generally, I guess I'm asking, what the heck do I do now? Thanks for any advice!

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You'd be visiting to meet the faculty, talk to current students, etc. You don't have to rush it but, it would be good to go while classes are still in session so that more people are around. Also, ask if they're willing to cover or reimburse any of your travel expenses...

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