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When are admin issues more than admin issues?


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Does anyone else find their opinion of a school changing based on the admin process associated with applying? When I went to visit my first choice school the professors were friendly and enthusiastic, and showed off some great resources and features to the school, so naturally I applied. However, it took a whole month longer than they said it would take to hear back, the professor I initially got in touch with isn't listed under my supervisors, and they're asking for me to send in documents I've already sent again.


My second choice has ended up getting back to me in a more timely way and just seems to be more personable and "on top" of things from an admin standpoint, but didn't seem like as good of a "fit" to my research interests. Despite that, I find myself being less sure about what I once thought was doubtlessly my first choice.


Is it silly for me to start doubting the quality of the school that I found really attractive on a visit based on these problems? How much do admissions admin problems reflect on larger issues in the school?

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I agree with you - how an admissions department is run EXTREMELY affects my opinion of the school (whether or not that is good or bad).  I am coming from an undergraduate school that has a terrible administration, and it's hurt/annoyed me in too many ways over the past 4 years.  Of course, no institution is going to be perfect, but I definitely value efficiency and timeliness more the second time around.

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