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Research Areas in each University


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I'm currently an undergraduate looking for future options to pursue my PhD and I was wondering what are some research areas that the top universities are famous for?


I understand that for a doctorate degree, correct me if I'm wrong, the prestige of the university, its labs/faculty and research programs play a pretty significant role so I'm just hoping to find some ways to help me come to a decision on a graduate school. A particular research area I'm interested in is stem cell research, but do let me know other research areas that some top universities are good at. :)



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For Stem Cell research these are the top universities:


Harvard, UCSF, Stanford, UCLA, MIT (especially for Rudolf Jaenisch), Cambridge (for Austin Smith)


Columbia and Yale have new stem cell centers and so they have up and coming stem cell PIs. 


Hope this helps!

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I found that the best way to find the big PIs in my subfield was to look at who is speaking at the big conferences. For example, the Gordon protein folding conference is big in my field. I started by seeing who was speaking there then looked at where they work, who they publish with, whose work they cite. Once you find the top 10 big people in your field, it is really easy to use citations and review papers to find others. Through this method, I found 10 schools that have large clusters of people doing the sort of work I would like to do.

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