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Pacific University

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I am so incredibly happy that I got into 2/3 of my top choice schools, Pacific U being one of them. I hope to make a decision by Monday.

I am from Washington, so I know little about Oregon, much less Forest Grove.


If you are attending Pacific University or from the area, I would really like your opinion and insight on some questions.


How is the SLP program and the forest grove campus? I hear there are about 3,000 students, mostly undergraduates and the optometry grad program.


What are rent prices like?


If I wanted to go out for a drink or some adventure, would it require me to have a car or is everything within a decent distance? How is the best system?



I hope you all the best of luck choosing the perfect school for you!

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I did my special education master's degree at Pacific in 2006/7.  I was at the Eugene campus, but overall I was pleased with the University.


Forest Grove itself is on the very edge of the Portland area, near Hillsboro.  I couldn't imagine living there without a car.  If you'll be doing clinicals off campus, you will probably need one.  Craigslist will give you a good idea of rent ranges, but I would talk to current students about where you will actually want to live as a student.

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I'm going to Pacific University program in the Fall (and beyond ecstactic about it)! I'm not sure if you decided to choose Pacific or not, but I've been living in NE Portland for the past year and a half and have zero intentions of moving out closer to school.  The commute isn't going to be the greatest, but as nuts as it sounds, that 40min-1.5 hour drive will be 100% worth it, because this city-town is WONDERFUL. I'm also considering bike commuting some days. Nuts? Probably.  But I do know some grads (and profs) do or have done it before!


But if you feel you don't want/need to be directly in Portland, look into Hillsboro, Beaverton, or Tigard.  It's surburban life. Yes they are cheaper than Portland (though it's getting more expensive, and to me just not at all worth the price cut), filled with gorgeous trees, chill, and relatively bike friendly and accessible to Portland -- but you need a car or to be close to the MAX line to get into Portland. During my interview, I talked to two grad students there who both lived in Portland (one in the NE and the other the SE), and they mentioned how the commute wasn't the best but that they did a lot of carpooling and agreed they didn't at all regret not living closer to school. 


Ultimately its whatever will suit you best.  A place to focus with less distractions? I'd choose one of the burbs.  Or a place with amazing and ecclectic food/art/music/entertainment/personalities and all the fantastic escapes and distractions right outside your front door? I'd go with Portland!


Ohh, and I don't know if hiking/biking/camping/swimming/skiing is a selling point, but in Portland you're a mere 30 minutes away from the sheer epicness that is the Gorge, and just over an hour from Mt. Hood!


Yay grad school, and best of luck!

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