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Calling on the Digital Humanities/Digital Studies admits/wait-list-ers

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This is one group that ,I suppose,feels relatively ""marginalized"" by the "hegemony" of other mainstream sub-fields . :)

Would be happy to know candidates who have been accepted/waitlisted at various programs for this sub-field and what their preferences would be..I,for one,was waitlisted at Maryland and Austin.And have almost given up hope regarding these.Oh well..

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Me! I was in this unofficial waitlist at U Washington that didn't convert and am accepting a UC Davis offer. UC Davis seems to have DH stuff at one of the centers, and not the margins of the program, which is refreshing to note. Overall, I am very excited about the option I have. And am looking forward to joining what seems like an incredibly friendly department.

A few weeks back, I had heard 9 rejections in a row, and I had no hopes. Trust me, it only gets better with time. There is always the next time.

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No, I didn't. I was looking for a program that offered the flexibility of dabbling in DH while subjecting me to the rigors of a traditional PhD program. I thought UT Austin lacked in the latter department, even though I know for a fact that DH there is very strong. Good luck to you, Scottstein.

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