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Loyola Maryland vs. Gallaudet

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Does anyone have any information on either of these schools? If you've visited either, I'd love to know if you liked the programs or not. I've been accepted to both, but I can't decide which one to attend. I've been trying to set up a tour for both schools next Monday, but having a hard time getting in contact with them.


Really any information would be helpful...

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Gallaudet is the worst for getting in touch, but try calling the SLP director, Brenda Seal. She's been super helpful when I've been able to reach her. Let me know if you end up deciding there, because I'm leaning GU myself!

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I have visited Gallaudet twice and have a friend that is a student there (different program). I loved it there...it is such a unique experience. I can try to answer any of your questions!

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