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St John's 48 credits

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I was wondering if anyone who has been accepted to St John's (or just knows more about it than me) can explain how the 48 credits pan out over the 5 semesters?  It seems low compared to other programs (66 at Brooklyn college).  If you're going for the TSSLD, how many credits / how much time does it add?


I'm actually still waiting to hear from them - I called this morning and was told it could be as late as late April before I hear anything - seems so weird as they seem to have been accepting people since late Feb.

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I am also very confused about the 48 credits taking 5 semesters.  I went to the open house and the director said that the TSSLD was included in the 48 credits.  They seem super disorganized.  I was accepted Feb 18th and they gave me until April 15th to make a decision, I'm waiting until the last minute to send my deposit in because I'd rather go somewhere else if possible.

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