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I don't know how to network?


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Hi everyone, 

I am a first year master's student living in Toronto. I do epidemiological research. I have been looking for a research assistant job, and, in addition to applying online have been 'networking' (or I think i have been networking) by asking people like my research supervisor, people at the hospital I volunteer at and graduate students in my lab for help. Unfortunately, I always get replies such as 'you need to keep applying online' and 'make sure you put your research on your resume'. These comments are not helpful. Am I not networking correctly?


Thank you

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Networking can be tricky. Rather than framing it as asking for help, try to convey your interest in the work that a person or group is doing (if you really are interested) and, if you feel that it is worth it, ask if they are hiring or indicate that you would be interested if they were. You might also ask, if you're not in a position to get the job right now but you'd like to in the future, what you should do now to make your application competitive in the future.

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This doesn't necessarily pertain to networking, but have those that have mentioned that you should "put your research on your resume" actually viewed your resume before? If they are advisors/mentors, you can ask them to look over your resume for you if you haven't done so already. They might have some feedback, or they may send it out on your behalf.

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