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Intellectual identity meaning

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I have to complete an annual review for graduate students and one of the questions asks me to describe my intellectual identity and how my approach to thinking has been influenced by classroom and scholarly interactions. I have no idea what this means. Does anyone have an interpretation of this (did I just get dumber after my first year of grad school??). Also, does anyone have a clue what the definition of intellectual identity is?? Anything helps. Thanks! 



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Not in your field, but I think it means what kind of viewpoints, scholarly perspectives and opinions did you have before and how have they been shaped (changed in some way or strengthened) by classroom and scholarly interactions?


Basically, how has all that you've been learning in class influenced your thinking or changed you in any way in a professional sense (or if it even has at all)?

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Here's a way to approach the task.


Pick a topic/subject of great importance to your field of study/the profession you want to join.


Briefly sketch out how you felt about each before you started graduate school. This is point A.


Briefly sketch out how you feel about each now, after almost a year in graduate school. This is point B.


Now tease out the steps (coursework, reading, thinking, talking) by which you got from A to B. Your intellectual identify should still be "under construction" but you can align yourself provisionally with those steps that were most significant in getting you to B.

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