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what are you reading?


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I saw someone posted the reading list for the sva photography program, wondering what else you are reading? 


Currently on rotation, in terms of literature -


Teju Cole - open city

mohamed choukri - in tangier/ for bread alone



also just finished pop or populus by bettina funcke, an interesting book regarding art, its function and relationship to the masses of people and media. 

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I am reading

"are prisons obsolete" by Angela Davis

"discipline and punish" by Michel Foucault

"how to see a work of art in total darkness" by Darby English

"habeas viscus" by Alexander weheliye

I plan on watching an online course on literary theory and brushing up on some art theory texts during the summer

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Just went though Bataille


Story if the eye (second time in my life, it's very good)

The blue of noon

L'abbé C




Now reading other of his  essays. Recommended!

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