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Deposit for PhD program?

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On another thread, somebody mentioned a $1000 one that didn't even go towards costs. Now that's preposterous!


The whole deposit thing kind of sucks, but when you see all these threads of people intending to accept and rescind, you can understand why they do it. I'd just remember that $400 is not that much in the long run, even if it sucks now - you've surely spent more money on less worthwhile things over the years.

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Yeah, that does seem odd. There was no deposit for my school (unless I missed something major...) but I guess it makes sense for schools that have a lot of people accept offers only to rescind them later? Unfortunately based on this forum it sounds like more than a few people decide to accept offers while still waiting to see if they'll be accepted at other schools... 

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I'm confused. I too have some schools that require a deposit and others that simply want an answer.


For the fully funded schools that also require a deposit, does that money like..ever come back to us once we actually enter the program?

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