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(Re)Taking the TOEFL test


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I had a hard question. Do you think that taking the TOEFL test needs specific prior preparation for the test, or it is simply an English language knowledge test? (or to what extent it is the second one?)


I have taken the TOEFL test before, preparing for the test, but it was more than a year ago. I have started an MA in political science in an English-language school from September, and I have a Toefl test in a week. I'm too busy with my school and thesis jobs, so I cannot prepare for the test. I'm not sure if I should postpone the test to a later time when I had a bit of time to be preapared for it, or I can take it now and be confident about it?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure if I'm following you.


You started a MA recently in an English-speaking school. If that MA is more than 2 years, most schools would waive your TOEFL requirement, did you know?


Even if your skills are the best, I wouldn't take it with zero preparation. There is a lot of skill in test-taking. Maybe you should take it when you have at least 1 week to prepare.

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An English language school meaning the language of instruction is in English, or a school at a natively English-speaking country? Usually, it would have to be the latter to waive you off of your TOEFL requirement.


Most of these standardized tests need prior preparation to at least know how the test is and how it works, and to practice pacing. I wouldn't suggest sitting for it with zero preparation.

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