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Accepted to Penn? Prepare for it.


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I don't know any MSW program other than UPenn's, but if others emphasize writing as much as my university does, you're going to write your pants off, especially during that first semester, which was a real ball-buster. Writing isn't difficult for me, but had it been, I don't know how I would have retained any vestige of my sanity during that first semester because the work load was that bad, especially considering that we students had to work full days, three days a week, for our field placement. Penn wants students who can do research and write well. They want people who will leave the SP2 program prepared to affect social policy issues.  If you need to work on your writing and research skills, then spend time this summer brushing up on your skills and study techniques. Think about skills you will need to manage a big workload. The good news is that when you make it out of this program, you'll be transformed from a grub into a beautiful research and writing butterfly. You'll be able to wow potential employers with your knowledge, experience and competence. If you can't write to save your life, don't go to Penn. I'm just finishing my second semester and am happy to report that despite my occasional panic incidents (because of the workload), I have near perfect grades. I love this university, the campus and Philadelphia. My professors are excellent. My classes are fascinating. I highly recommend this place. Just prepare for it as best you can.

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Thanks for this post! I am not going to Penn, but I am going to a school with a strong emphasis on writing. I am not a strong writer unfortunately. How would you recommend getting ready over the summer?



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