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2nd year applying...Need Suggestions

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Hello all,


So I need your help and some suggestions. This is my second year applying and unfortunately its looking like I won't be attending at any schools again...ugh... It has become super frustrating because I have spent the last year boosting my resume, volunteer hours, and LOR. I have a decent GPA and GRE, too! I thought I would have a better chance at it this time around, but I only been rejected or waitlisted. Though I don't want to give up on my dream, I'm starting to wonder if 'everything happens for a reason.'


 I been considering changing my major but I'm unsure on what to do. My mindset has always been speech but the thought of waiting around for another year and re-applying just makes me cringe. Also, SLPA isn't an option because my state doesn't require them.


Anyone have any suggestions on a different field I could look into? I thought maybe special ed, counseling, social work, psychology etc.


Has anyone else ever been put in this situation? I'm just looking for insight or a different perspective.  


All help is appreciated. Thank you! 

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Honestly if this is your dream don't give up. You're not alone, I'm in the same boat and my state doesn't offer SLPA either. I'm in the process of contacting all of the schools I applied to to get specific ideas on how I can improve my application to become more competitive. I also plan to hopefully take some classes at one of the schools I want to attend and I plan on meeting with serveral schools in person so they can hopefuly put my face to my application. I know it sucks that we'll have to go through this process again but the best thing we can do if we really want it is be proactive. 

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it looks like your in Michigan.  GVSU has spring admissions and it has been A LOT easier to get into spring from what I have heard.  

I've seen you post a couple times about GVSU and I see you go there. Can you tell me more about their program? All of your posts have made me want to investigate them more even though I live on the east coast. I'll go anywhere, I just want the degree

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