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So...Who's excited? :)

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Yay! Application season is O-VER and now it's time to jump in to grad school!


What are you guys doing to prepare (or rather wait patiently until graduation so that you can focus on getting ready :P)?

Anyone have any good blogs to follow, movies/documentaries to watch, books to read, things to do to get us ready to be SLPs???


Ahhh!! It's an exciting time in life  :)  :rolleyes:  :D

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I have to satisfy a few prereqs over the summer. I'm now stressed how I'm going to squeeze summer traveling in between. Maybe I'll travel for 1 week before classes begin and 1 week after they end to spread it out.


There are a couple of documentaries I'm looking forward to watching this summer:


1) Do I Sound Gay? - This is a documentary about the stereotypical gay lisp. It premiered at a few film festivals last year and received positive reviews.


2) The Boers at the End of the World - This follows the descendants of the Boers of South Africa who moved to Patagonia, Argentina after the Boers lost the war against the British. There's supposed to be some changes in their Afrikaans dialect. It's interesting if you're into multicultural isseus in language.

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https://m.facebook.com/groups/402035533241241- very active group for SLPs working in the school setting. I've been on the group for ~1 year, and have seen the highs and lows of daily life as a school SLP.

SLP.reddit.com - another great resource for SLPs working in a variety of settings.

There's also a speech reads book club on goodreads with some interesting books that are to be discussed!

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