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College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario


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Hi everyone,

So since the CRPO is now a college where people calling themselves psychotherapists now need to be registered to provide psychotherapy in Ontario and are approved by government to do so I'm wondering where that will leave clinical psychologists since psychotherapists are cheaper to hire at clinics and hospitals etc. to provide therapy (only need an MA to become registered with fewer internship hours than a clinical psychologist who applies to be a registered clinican). They were generally not being hired before since they were not regulated with any specific educational and practical standards, but now they are. I've heard the argument that clinical psychologists will be doing most of the assessment and diagnosis but so do psychiatrists. If psychiatrists are doing doing the assessment and diagnosis and psychotherapists will be taking up the therapy jobs since they are cheaper where does that leave clinical psychologists in Ontario in terms of job prospects?

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i might not be the best to answer this, but i always thought from my friends who are in clinical psych and those who are in counselling that the advantage came down to whose services are covered by insurance and whose are not? i know there is a distinction like that here in BC.


but even if that were not the case.... the waiting list to see a psychiatrist even for a quick diagnosis/assessment is pretty long because there are not as many psychiatrists as there are clinical psychologists. so even if they primarily took the role of diagnosis/assessment, i'm sure clinical psychologists will find themselves quite busy (and employed!) 

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I can't speak for other provinces, but in Ontario, all the clinical supervisors of autism intervention programs are psychologists who oversee a lead behavior therapist (who oversee the frontline workers). The autism cases are very long and many families choose to opt for the direct funding option from the ministry as opposed to a an outpatient rehab center which also has waiting lists. There aren't a lot of clinical psychologists whose focus is only autism.


My mentor also works with a lot of clients who have communication disorders and sometimes need further counseling beyond his scope in between sessions and they're usually referred to clinical psychologists. I don't think the jobs will go anytime soon.


I never understood why that act was passed in the first place and why the CPO did not fight to keep their duties. Psychotherapy is in the scope of other professions (OT, mental health nursing, social work). To me, this will add more confusion for those who make referrals for clients for counseling.

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