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my chances at top Civil programs? help!


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GPA 3.56 (major GPA 3.9)

GRE1: Q790 V400 AWA 4

GRE2: Q740 V550 AWA 4

I'm in a few clubs and I'm volunteering at California Transportation Department, no research exp.

I'll be applying to the MS program at top schools like Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, what are my chances? should I retake GRE? If I mention that I want to pursue a PhD(although I'm still undecided) would that increase my admission chances? thanks!!

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I was in your shoes exactly one year ago. I had similar statistics with a slightly better GRE to yours when applying to civil programs this past fall ( GRE: Q800 V520, AWA 4.5 GPA 3.59 (In Major 3.94)).

I was admitted into the four schools that I applied to which where MIT, VT, UT-Austin, and Illinois-Urbana Champaign.

I would think that you would be competitive to get into those schools with your current stats. I got the impressions from people who visited Cal last spring that there wasn't much if any funding for master leve students.

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