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FIT's I/O program (M.S. and Ph.D. info appreciated)


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Hi, all! I've heard great things about the Florida Institute of Technology's I/O program.  I am leaning towards applying to the master's program for fall 2016. I am really interested in applied work, so the fact that you can do hands-on work so early in the program through the Center for Organizational Effectiveness is a big plus. However, a concern of mine is that private tuition rate - ouch! 


Would anyone who's had contact with the Florida Institute of Technology like to chime in about the program? I am especially interested in hearing from current and former students, but I've also heard good things from people who came into contact with its students at a conference, for example. Just looking to round out my picture of the program a bit. Also, if you're comfortable talking about it, how generous has FIT been with financial aid/scholarships/TA's/etc.? Thanks!

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I was offered a spot in their master's program this round and ultimately decided with another offer. They gave me a large scholarship- but like you said, in the context of private tuition, that means something different. I spoke with many master's and Ph.D. students, and they all said they all had to take out loans. Originally I was attracted by the offer to petition into the Ph.D. program after a year, but upon hearing I would not have full funding even as a doctoral student, I decided to let the offer go.

Hope that helps!

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I went to FIT for a related degree (ABA), and yes, the private tuition was brutal. Since it was Masters level, I took out loans to cover for it, and there was barely any assistantships available. I happened to get one out of three offered (but this would vary across departments I'm sure). I believe their doc students have tuition waiver, but not sure on funding. Alternatively you may want to look into the OBM (Organizational Behavior Management) MS program, which is very competitive for OBM doc programs.

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