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Mistake on ds 160

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Hi everyone.

I filled out my ds 160 info and on the question of WHO'S PAYING FOR YOUR TRIP

I put "self" --because I can afford to pay for my flight tickets and initial expenses.

However I thought that who's paying for your trip means who's paying for your flight! Apparently it should indicate your sponsor I!'m going on full funding so I should have indicated my department.

Now my worry is this. If the Vo asks who's my sponsor and I say it's my department (rather than self) as stated on my ds 160? Is that going to be a problem? I'm trying to picture a scenario where the VO would need my statement (I'm not rich!!) based on my ds 160 information and that makes me so nervous.

Is there a way to fill out a new ds 160 after an appointment has been scheduled without any administrative hassles at the embassy?

Am I being worried over nothing?

Need some input guys.

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I don't think that will be a problem.

But You could cancel your appointment, fill in new DS160 application and make new appointment.
I did it on my appointment due to stupid mistake in my DS160 and my MRV visa fee number can still be used for the new appointment.

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It's not a big deal. Let the visa officer know during the interview that you made a mistake. They will also see your letter of funding right away (make sure to bring that to the interview!).


Usually applicants are made to refill out the DS160 if the mistake is something like your name, DOB, addresses, and other numbers or critical information.


The "who's paying" question is more for helping us guide the interview. I saw a lot of people put the wrong answer there, and where I worked, we did not send applicants back for that alone (unless it was a lie, for example if you say your rich uncle is paying for everything, and there is no such rich uncle, etc).


Good luck!

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