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  1. Hey guys. Let's get to know each other.
  2. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    University trails seems to be my choice. Read dome good reviews and it's highly recommended by someone on here. Any idea where I can get a guarantor? I'd certainly hate having to pay hotel bills for a week before I can get my graduate coordinator to sign on my behalf.
  3. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    What off campus housing option is closest to campus and activities? I'm kinda confused? I'm an international student. Thanks
  4. Everything you researched here, I could easily find put about India including standardized test score fraud etc Do I go throw caution to the wind calling India names? No. About being sensitive, That won't cut it when you're in police custody for racist and bigoted comments. Watch what you say when you're in America. Honestly, It'll help you a great deal in grad school and everyday life. Saying people are sensitive might actually compound your problems and show your inherent lack of comprehension of what bigotry actually is My two cents.
  5. I find your comments about my country very distasteful and racist Quite frankly you have never been here and you've only heard yet you're making such scathing comments about a place you've never been to throwing all objectivity into thin air. Way to go You're going to need a major mind overhaul so you don't run into trouble with uncouth and unguarded statements when you com over to a multi ethnic society like the US On a separate note, i didn't hijack your thread. The forum allows for questions regarding similar issues. DEAL WITH IT
  6. Hi Jujubea(Catchy username btw) My country (Nigeria) seems to have a poor visa issuance rate Anyway, I got full funding from my department. I20 states funds required is $38000 and funds from assistantship is $42000 The problem is that i have very little personal money (About $5000) and i'll be totally dependent on the assistantship to prove i have funds for grad school I'm so confused and scared about my visa interview. Student visas get denied for no reason whatsoever especially when there's no family sponsor. So i'm kinda nervous about my chances..... Any tips for me considering m
  7. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    Thanks for the info !!!!!
  8. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    Hi guys. The university housing Law states that all students must live on campus or write a letter of exemption to the housing department by july. I'll be coming to oxford in august and I really don't want to live with undergrads hence I'd prefer an off campus location My questions are. 1. What's the best option for off campus housing? I don't have a car and I need to be close to campus and social services. 2. What's the quickest and cheapest way to get to memphis
  9. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    How short is short? I'd check ole miss off campus offers and make a selection from there...
  10. Hi guys. This is a very sticky situation. So I need help. Ps I'm an international student and both are fully funded with similar stipends. School A Lovely faculty, small department, great program, friendly, well organized. Cons It's located in a small town. As much as I've heard lovely things about the town I'm a big city kid at heart. Although it's an hour from Memphis. 2.It's an MS degree although almost every student ends up getting a PhD there. It's a sort of seamless transition. But still one still has to get a thesis. So yes it's a master's nonetheless even though I k
  11. So i got this email after an inquiry into the status of my admission at my second best choice(Got an admit at my top choice already) but i was wondering how they got to know i got in somewhere else!! Although i did send a hard copy of my GRE with all the schools i applied to listed on it. Dear xxxxx On behalf of the selection committee,Your application has thoroughly reviewed by our faculty, and it is with great regret that I inform you that we are unable offer you admission in to our program.............................................. .............................................
  12. bbdd2

    Oxford, MS

    How's oxford for an international student?
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