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OMG I'm so confused.


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Hi guys.

This is a very sticky situation.

So I need help.

Ps I'm an international student and both are fully funded with similar stipends.

School A

Lovely faculty, small department, great program, friendly, well organized.


It's located in a small town. As much as I've heard lovely things about the town I'm a big city kid at heart. Although it's an hour from Memphis.

2.It's an MS degree although almost every student ends up getting a PhD there. It's a sort of seamless transition. But still one still has to get a thesis. So yes it's a master's nonetheless even though I know I'll get a PhD there in another 2 years after the MS.

Sticky :

I've actually sent a letter of acceptance signed by me and dispatched to the school. I've received my i20 and everything is in order for attendance.

School B

Located in Memphis

Great program.


Big city: Means a lot to me

Sticky :

Decision came pretty late, today as a matter of fact. Was unofficially notified of admission in February, Mailed the chair to ask for status in March and got a rather lukewarm response and got discouraged about my status afterwards. Right after I've already accepted an offer from school A and I have my i20 ready from school A I get an offer from this school.

I'm trying to ask if anyone would pick grad school for location purposes only. (school A is an hour 30 mind away from school B) Is it a huge factor?

Both are sound academically.

Institutionally wise, school B has more name recognition.

I'm so confused.

Would it be irresponsible to rescind a letter of acceptance even after I've been mailed my i20??

Am I stupid for trying to actually consider school B?

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If you change, do it before April 15. I think it's worth investigating because you seem to like option 2 more and it has more name recognition.

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it's ok to rescind a letter of acceptance as long as you do it politely.  This is your education, so ultimately where you go has to be what feels right to you.  The sooner the better, though.  Someone else might be waiting for that funding!   :)

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You're definitely not stupid for considering School B. (That said, I was chuckling when you referred to Memphis as a big city.) You should rescind your acceptance to School A and send your acceptance to School B ASAP if you want to change.

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