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  1. Depending on when your interview is, I would be honest with the interviewer, and if there is enough time, I would contact the school from which your I-20 came and see if they can correct the error and Rush deliver the new I-20.
  2. I buy my clothes at Goodwill or other thrift shops. If I know I'm gonna need sweater the next winter, I buy them form the sale rack in the spring before...buying off season is so much cheaper! Sure you're a year behind "trends", but I tend to buy more classic items anyway. trendy stuff always looks weird to me. Also, we ditched Cable ages ago and set up our TV with a digital antenna...so we get basic channels for free. We buy things that store well or that we know we will use up fairly quickly from bulk stores like Sam's Club or Costco. I sell my kids' old clothes to help pay for their new ones each year. I like to shop farmers' markets and the local co-op for locally grow food at a decent price, compared to the shipped in stuff. Better for you as well since it wasn't picked green. Online swap sites (like on FB, Craigslist, etc) are great for getting cheap clothes as well.
  3. The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, Forever. I used to watch Agents of Shield, but this season got all weird and dark and the team got all stupid so I stopped. I also enjoy all kinds of Anime series. My secret love of the Food Network shows and Say Yes to the Dress rarely get filled because I don't have cable.
  4. Well, first I'd make sure I was welcome back at my previous lab. If they don't have a spot for you anymore, this whole thing is kind of pointless. anyway, if they are willing to take you back, then I would say that you should approach the person you are working with now very diplomatically and explain that you feel that the subfield you are working on here isn't what you feel most fits your interests and further education. Whatever you do, don't make it sound like it's the prof's fault. He sounds like the type to go BOOM if he thinks you are pointing fingers at him in any way. I don't know if i would mention where you are going to lab-wise as I'm not sure if this guy is jerk enough to bully the other lab's prof. anyway, it's your education and your future. You have the right to make decisions that go in the direction you want to go instead of the direction your profs try to push you. Be strong but diplomatic.
  5. I've seen this happen several times now. I don't think it reflects badly on the letter writers at all. And you have a very valid reason for withdrawing. they may not be overjoyed about it, but I doubt they are going to get all ragey about it. It happens...people get amazing job offers and decide that maybe more school is not the best route for them. Basically, it comes down to doing what's right for you. This is your life and you don't want to have any regrets later if you don't take the job. Grad school will still be there later. Just be polite and honest. But that's just my two cents worth.
  6. I agree with most everyone else. Accept B's offer. Be diplomatic and professional in declining A. You wouldn't want to go there anyway after all the negativity and toxicity they have generated. Even if A does contact B and try to badmouth you, I doubt B would rescind their offer, since that is rather unprofessional.
  7. it's ok to rescind a letter of acceptance as long as you do it politely. This is your education, so ultimately where you go has to be what feels right to you. The sooner the better, though. Someone else might be waiting for that funding!
  8. Well, as I see it, you could either go talk to A about your discomfort with the situation and take a chance on making things more awkward because obviously A doesn't have a problem with B. Or you could accept that B accepted the invitation, but may or may not show up, and you can ignore B at the party or if necessary give the polite acknowledgement. If your goal is to keep A happy, you may just have to suck it up and try to deal with B being there. Hopefully there will be lots of other guests so you aren't forced to socialize with B very much beyond acknowledging B's presence. Sometimes we must do the thing we think we cannot do, to paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt.
  9. Sounds to me like you already know what you want to do, it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it. If you can, document the situation in your lab, get others to corroborate what you have documented. That way, when you leave, you have some ground to stand on if your PI starts trashing you. Just my thoughts.
  10. My dream jobs: Makeup and special FX artist at WETA workshop in New Zealand Fantasy Illustrator/Artist Science Fiction writer Travel Channel TV host that goes all over the world
  11. I'm okay with beards as long as they are nicely maintained. But please, let's get rid of the term "Lumbersexual". How awful! also, "cherry flavored" NyQuil. It doesn't taste like cherries. It tastes like red. How something can taste like a color, I don't know, but it's the only way I can describe it. Just like the green flavor tastes like green. They are both nasty though. Green Apple flavored jelly beans. I want my lime flavored jellybeans, life savers, and skittles back...green apple is not a good replacement, it tastes like...well it just tastes nasty.
  12. Reading on a screen can be a pain unless you have the right kind of screen. I find the kindle paperwhite very easy to read, but the ipad i had was awful for reading on. I was reluctant to start collecting ebooks instead of real books, but with limited space for real books, I decided to try e-books. Now I only get real book copies of things I know I want to have later on.
  13. I have two BA degrees from the same institution in advertising and art&design. When I graduated in 2002 with the second degree, it took me 6 months to find a job, and it was in GIS mapping. That feel through after about a year and I worked in a used bookstore. then I was a stay at home mom for the last 10 years. I didn't think I'd ever get a job that I would like. I have tons of experience from college and applied for jobs for 2 years before finally starting work through a temp agency just to have some income...and now it looks like i might get to have the spot as permanent, working as a graduate program assistant at my alma mater. The point is, you just gotta keep clawing away and gaining experience and tightening up your resume (both in looks and information) as well as your cover letters until you land something you like. I get to use my computer skills, people skills and office skills daily...am I creating advertising materials? No. But I am doing something I enjoy. Stop worrying about your degree and get your foot in the door. Advancement comes later.
  14. Well, they all sound like decent offers. I guess I'd take into consideration the climate you'd be moving to. Florida is warm most of the year, but also humid since it is essentially a peninsula in the ocean. Iowa is a four season state, so it's cold in the winter, about 90s in the summer and somewhat humid, spring and fall are warm, sometimes rainy, etc. Michigan is north of Iowa and surrounded by lakes, so winters are really cold and have heavy lake effect snow. Texas is hot in the summer and dry unless you live along the coast. Winters are mild in Texas unless you get a freak winter, but even then it is usually rain and not snow. Akron, Ohio is probably subjected to Lake effect snow as well and would have similar weather to Iowa on a yearly basis. Don't know if this helps your choices at all. But if I had to move somewhere for the next 5 years, I'd definitely take the climate into consideration. As an alumni of ISU, I can say that Ames is a nice place to live in general. Good bus system, nice people, moderate shopping, not a super hopping nightlife, but some decent bars and a movie theater. Des Moines has more clubs and such and it's only 45 minutes to downtown Des Moines, so that is pretty doable. I enjoy having 4 distinct seasons (5 if you count Road construction as a season), so I didn't enjoy Texas as much as some people. Anyway, hope I helped a little. Good luck on your decision making!
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