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PhD vs Masters

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Has anyone here considered applying to PhD programs? I have seen a few options for a combined MA-PhD.


I have an interest in teaching (at the college level) or going into a more administrative position eventually, and had placed some thought about completing a Masters degree, then going for a PhD eventually if the timing lined up well with a future career and family. Meanwhile, a MA-PhD program seems like killing two birds with one stone. 


I have noticed that none of the CD faculty at my university hold a PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences, and most just have a Masters level education. Meanwhile, while browsing job forums, I also noticed that most supervising SLP positions advertised required a PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences or a related field. 


Any thoughts or input would be great.



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Well I know the field needs them so if it is in your heart to pursue that path I think it would be amazing!  I'm not sure how the process works at all or if you can bounce between.  But I think it would be super cool.  You would be in even more demand that a typical SLP meaning I feel like you could find a job at almost any University that offers a Master's program.  I don't have any facts to offer you just encouragement if it aligns with your future career goals! 

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You can definitely do a combined MA/PhD. Some schools advertise the option and others don’t. If there’s a particular school you’re interested in that has both programs but doesn’t advertise a combined option, you can contact the department to see if it’s possible. I started my search by looking at the programs that advertised a combined MA/PhD option on EdFind.

If you know you want a PhD, there are definitely advantages to going straight through: you only have to apply once, you only have to move once, you’ll be finished sooner (as in sooner in your lifetime), it might streamline the process somewhat (i.e., 6 years instead of 7 total between MA/CFY/PhD), you’ll be working on research with the same mentor for longer, etc. Also, if you apply to a combined program you might be considered for funding reserved for PhD students, and schools usually have more money to fund PhD than masters students.

I would recommend attending the ASHA Convention if you can (it’s in November in Denver this year, and you can get your registration waived if you're accepted to volunteer). I did that last year and it was incredibly helpful. I talked to programs at the grad school fair and set up meetings with students at one of my prospective schools. Also check out the resources on ASHA’s website.

I'm starting an MA/PhD program in the fall. I also want to teach, and I plan to get my CCCs during the program. If this is the path you want, go for it! The field definitely needs more PhDs.

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A PhD is a research degree. Do you have an interest in research? 


What school are you at that doesn't have any PhD faculty...? If you want to teach at the college level that you clearly can with just a Master's.

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