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Grad schools near a beach?

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This may be a bit.. piddling, but after selling my soul for my career and sacrificing my personal happiness for the last few years, I'm looking to find a graduate school that is in an interesting environment.  I'm in my mid-twenties and love the beach, the outdoors, and food.  I love California, but I'm from the east coast and I know the schools are very competitive for out-of-staters.


Do you folks have any recommendations for graduate schools in livable towns?  Conversely, do you know of any schools where the outside life is less dynamic?  Any and all comments are appreciated!

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You could try Florida schools.

I live in SD and it honestly doesn't get better than San Diego. I love living here. I know people have gotten into that program from out of state while being really persistent and in contact with the people in the offices there. I'd give it a shot. If you want to to live somewhere with a nice lifestyle.

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-Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Nova (all 3 south Florida)

-University of South Florida (Tampa)

-Jacksonville University

-U. Central Fl and Florida State University are not as close to the beach but they are only like an hour away.

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Hampton University is right on the ocean and near Virginia beach and I can't wait to enjoy it! There are also a BUNCH of other universities in that area of Virginia that suite your requirements.

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