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Cognitive film experiment and SCSMI 2015

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Hi everyone!

I'm a soon-to-be PhD student in Mass Comm., I got accepted in Indiana Bloomington and will start a new life there in August. The forum was very fun and useful while the waiting was going on. I'm currently preparing my MA thesis and will be presenting the results of a small film experiment in the SCSMI (society for the cognitive studies of the moving image) in London, this week.


So two things:


1. Any gradcafeeian going to the SCSMI this year?

2. Would you be up for taking the experiment? I need 100 participants and I'm on 60, so it would be really, really great if you took it, each of you counts. It's a 15 min. online questionnaire, all you have to do is to watch two videos and answer some questions. I'll be happy of telling you what it is about if you are interested (after completing it, so I don't bias your answers).


This is the link to the questionnaire: 


Thank you a lot for your help, and hope to see some of you at the conference!






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