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No Spring admission?


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Hi everyone,

I expected to enroll in Spring, since I'm graduating in Fall. However, most of the schools that I saw have no enrollment in spring!

and the ones that have, they do not offer scholarship for that..

Do u advice me to delay till Fall? or keep searching for others?

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Yes, wait until Fall! Not only are you correct about programs offering only Fall admissions, and scholarship/funding, but Fall is the natural start of the cycle, so you will probably have a more cohesive cohort, etc.

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Also, what do you mean exactly by "graduating in the Fall"? 


If you mean that you will finish your degree program between June and August but you won't have your ceremony the fall of that same year, then you could actually be applying to begin graduate school in the Fall of the same year!! For example, if your undergrad degree finishes in June 2016, you could apply for admission for Fall 2016. 


However, if you mean that you will need to take courses in the fall semester as well, then you should wait until the following year to start grad school, for reasons given above. That is, if your program ends December 2016, then you would be applying to start grad school in Fall 2017.


And don't forget that if you want to start grad school in fall of year X in the United States, you usually have to start applying in November/December of year X-1.

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