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USU 2nd Bach Online Concerns

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Hi all! I'm changing careers after several years in the workforce. My undergrad degree is a BFA in Theatre and gpa wasn't the best, so it's imperative that I do well in these leveling courses before applying to grad programs. I'm concerned that taking a full courseload in an online format will be quite difficult for me as I've been out of school for 11 years. I've applied to Portland State's post-bacc program, but relocating is pretty undesirable right now.


Has anyone gone through this program after having been out of school for awhile? Would you strongly suggest an in classroom experience instead?


Thanks in advance :)

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I've been out of school for longer than you, and also studied theatre and also media. I didn't do USU full time, but I did up to 3 classes at a time. I have kids so I only was able to dedicate 2 full days a week to classes (meaning, at least 9-5, kids in daycare). 3 classes in 2 days was absolutely do-able if I really focused throughout the day and treated it like a full time desk job. On rare occasion I would take a couple of hours on the nights on weekends, usually just before an exam to study, but the actual work didn't need much more than my allotted time. If I had additional days of daycare it would have been completely reasonable to take a full course load.


Most of their classes really guide you through the material - with study guides, and most material coming from lectures rather than reading. I learned to take really good notes and for most classes studies from them more than the book, and I got the 4.0 that I also really needed. I was VERY nervous about online classes, but it ended up being an excellent choice.

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I graduated in the 20th century and am in my 1st term at USU online 2nd BA now. I had a meeting last month at one of the grad schools I'm considering (I was visiting the area and wasn't sure when I'd be able to get back there) and talked with the head of the SLP department and the head of the specialty track I'd want to do. They both were very positive about USU's online 2nd BA.


They did encourage me to apply this coming year rather than waiting until I complete the 2nd degree as apparently it's a LOT easier to get in as an out-of-field applicant. They said they had around 300 applicants for 30 slots but of those, it was around 270 with CSD degrees for 25 in-field slots and only 30 out-of-field applicants for 5 slots. Now my GPA for my 1st degree was competitive so I don't really need the CSD courses that much to boost my application (though they do want to see how I do in the courses I'm taking this summer and fall). 

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