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SLPs who also dispense hearing aids?

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Hi everyone,


I'm a Canadian SLP grad student (actually starting my masters program in September), and I have spent a year working at a hearing clinic. It occurs to me that there is considerable overlap between SLP and the hearing sciences, and I am keen to know whether there are any SLPs out there who also dispense hearing aids. My long term plan is to open a speech clinic, and I would love to be able to offer my hearing-impaired clients an opportunity to trial hearing aids while also receiving speech therapy. After all, no proper speech treatment plan should begin without first addressing hearing issues.


In Canada, at least, there is a program called 'Hearing Instruments Specialist' (HIS), which is a college-level course that normally takes two years. While recognizing the important role played by audiologists in this field, I do think that there are many cases those where a practical knowledge of hearing instruments can provide the same level of service.

So I'm very interested to hear if any SLPs out there have also received their HIS accreditation, and whether any of your undergraduate/graduate coursework was counted towards your courses. I'd also like to hear any thoughts people have about the idea of combining speech/hearing services in a private clinic. 



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Wow! With the cost of dispensing fees, that might actually be worth your while! I've become a little jaded about the hearing aid industry, actually, and one of the reasons I'd want to dispense my own hearing aids is so I can offer my clients an affordable alternative.

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