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CLEP Test for a Pre-Req?

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Has anybody done this? One of the schools I just added to my "to research further" list wants me to have a sociology course (they also have some other atypical social science pre-reqs but I took those as a psych major). I actually took a course during my 1st BA that included a basic intro to sociology unit and that was enough to know that I don't want to spend a full semester or $$$ taking sociology. There is, however, a CLEP Intro to Sociology exam.


Do CLEP tests generally count as satisfying pre-reqs?

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I had thought about doing CLEP for bio but ended up not needing to, although one of my requirements was fulfilled by an AP test result from high school. In trying to fulfill these prereqs I learned one VERY important thing that is not overt: ASHA requires the prereqs but ultimately the school decides what is acceptable. So what fulfills the prereqs will vary from school to school. When you are applying for certification ASHA basically takes your program's word that you fulfilled the prereqs. Obviously schools adhere to the standards and use their best judgment when possible, but not all schools will accept the same thing. I've run in to this problem and so did a friend, regarding the bio requirement.

If I had to make an educated guess based on my experience and what I've read, I would say it has a good chance of being accpeted (the old standards even listed CLEP as acceptable), but I would double check with prospective schools. They will be able to tell you their own policy.

Edit: I just realized you might not be talking about exclusively ASHA prereqs? Sorry! If that's the case, I bet it would be accpeted if it's just a university requirement. That is one of ASHA's as well, but they also accpet psychology. Explore your options as to what will fulfill the pre-req to make it as interesting as possible to you! I used AP psych from high school (a test I took way back in 2007) and it was accpeted as a prereq just fine.

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