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Do the chances of getting into an MBA program increase with employer sponsorship?


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I'm about to start my second and final year of my masters program in biotechnology at Brown. When I entered, I wasn't sure about doing a PhD or going to business school, but now I'm certain that I want to enter industry after graduating, and go into consulting. I reached out to two recruiters from different consulting firms, and we talked about the potential to grow in the company, etc. Both companies offer a sponsorship to select employees who show outstanding progress while working as an associate consultant. This all sounds great to me, and I know I still have yet to even get an interview with these companies, but let's say I do get a job at one of these companies...if I stand out to my superiors, they might even offer to sponsor me to an MBA program. Now, my question is, would it be considerably easier to get into a decent business school with a company sponsorship? My undergrad GPA is horrendous: 2.76. However, I'm doing really well in grad school, and my advisers are all very happy with my work so far. Does my GPA obliterate my chances at getting into a decent program? I know the GMAT is also an important criteria for this whole thing, but I'm really worried my GPA will automatically disqualify me from the schools I'm interested in. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you :) 



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When you say sponsor  - in what way?  I think you'll find that there are still minimum requirements, but often a way to reach them.  If there are specific universities that your company partners with, it may make your path easier.  Other schools you may have to start non-matric or on probation.  Talk to the admissions office of the schools you are considering.

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