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Developmental research with a strong emphasis on substance use/ marijuana use


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I have been looking for programs, mainly Phds with a concentration on development and substance use (particular marijuana use). I have some good leads and programs in mind but the search has turned out to be very difficult and I was wondering if anyone here could give some names or programs. It would be greatly appreciated.



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I've always got the same advice when doing this kind of search... look at the people publishing what you want to do, track them down and look at their program. 


I also worked with someone who looked at the developmental effects of THC on the developing rat brain for her dissertation, that was at University of New Mexico's Psychology department. They do a lot of substance abuse, but unless you're looking at rat/animal models, they don't do a lot of developmental research. Legal restrictions and all... it is going to be hard to do research in that area for some time if you are looking at human research.


In any case, many times you can track down researchers but they aren't associated with a university or any place that you might get a degree at. These are great people to try to make social connection with. Get a phone call or try to email with them, they are likely going to know who is who in the field and provide you some insight about your area of interest that you can't get anywhere else. 

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