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Letters of Recommendation - general or specific?

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I have a question about letters of recommendation, especially for those with experience applying to schools of social work.  I want to give my supervisors and professors as much of a head's up as possible, but I haven't completely decided which schools I'm applying to.  Do LORs typically follow a school-specific format, consisting of a list of questions?  Or do they generally consist of whatever the recommending person wants to write?  The reason I ask is because this will likely factor into when I send my requests for LORs - I can do it now, if all they need to write is one general letter.  But if they'll be answering specific questions that vary school-to-school, I'll obviously need to narrow down my school choices first.  Thanks in advance!



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Hi there, from my experience with applying schools will have a form to be completed. Some schools do allow optional, but not in lieu of, letters. You should definitely narrow down your school choices as soon as possible then go to each school's website to locate, if available, the LOR forms.

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