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Is there any good graduate school in Atmospheric Science in USA?

Abraham TONG

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The NRC has rankings in oceanography, atmospheric science, and meteorology:


MIT, Princeton and CU-Boulder are all listed on there as top 15-20ish programs. MIT seems to be the best reputed, followed by CU-Boulder and then Princeton. But they're all pretty close.

UC-Berkeley is not ranked among them. Upon inspection, this seems to be because UC-Berkeley has no coordinated PhD program in atmospheric science, oceanography, or meteorology. They do have an atmospheric sciences center that lists departments, faculty, and courses that are related to atmospheric science. You could, perhaps, get a PhD in Earth and planetary science or chemistry or geography and focus on atmospheric science. (It appears that Berkeley's earth & planetary science program is, predictably, quite good: the NRC estimates their S-rank between 1 and 4.) But there's not a dedicated one in atmospheric science.

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It depends on what you want to study in atmospheric science. 

Among the best are Scripps, Woods Hole Joint Program, UC Irvine. University of Rhode Island and Uni Hawaii are also great programs. You will find that all earth science disciplines  are scattered across different departments due to the interdisciplinary  nature of the earth sciences. 

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