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MPH aspirants ( international) fall 2016


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I'm an MBBS doctor graduated from India applying to MPH in the fall of 2016 

my stats are 

GPA - under evaluation 

GRE : 156 verbal 154 quant 3 AWA( miserable but can't get myself to take it again ) 

3 months internship UK - clinical medicine 

2 months internship USA - clinical medicine 

Volunteer - MCH local organization - 8 months 

Work ex - 8 months RMO at local hospital 

TOEFL : 109

What are my chances like for Maternal and Child health MPH programs ( among the top 10) and all other advice !! Thanks and all the best 


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I would say your chances are fair, definitely better idea than 50%, though I'm not sure how programs would evaluate the AWA portion of the GRE. It depends on what programs you are applying to. If you're applying to high end programs like Harvard or Johns Hopkins, you might not get through. But mid level programs should accept you easily. 

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Thank you - if you could suggest some programs :

the ones I'm hoping to apply to are 



3. UIC 

4. Drexel 

5. Emory ( long shot ) 

6 GW 


8 Minnesota 

Could you kindly add/ subtract / modify thanks 

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Also I recently started working on my SOPHAS application and was wondering if in the "add experiences " section is it worthwhile to add one month interships abroad? 

I did them towards the end of 2013 and each were of one month duration. Since they are so short and so long ago - is it much better to save myself the hassle of adding -supervisor details - contact them and refresh their memory  and just add it to my CV or does addition every tiny bit of what I've done in that section add weight to my application. Really baffled - any help is much appreciated 

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Hello Guys, 
I have a GPA 3.1 (MD IMG), I have passed step 2 CK (242) (I don't know if this helps?)
GRE V157 Q162 AWA awaiting. 
One year undergraduate research
One year medical internship 
Some extra-curricular experience. 
One strong recommendation from a faculty, the other two I'm not sure. 
Taking Data Science Specialization Course at coursera.org. Have introductory level knowledge of R programming. 

I'm Applying to BU, UMN, Georgia Southern, UNT, UWSTL, UIC Management and Policy concentration (any suggestions?)

I don't know if my application will be a good one, and I really need to get an RA or scholarship.

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Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm from Mexico and I'm applying to a few MPH programs scattered throughout the world. I noticed most, if not all, of you guys are applying to grad schools in Canada, so I'll stay in topic. One of my applications is going to be for U of T for their MPH (Health Promotion) program. I'm really nervous, but so excited! It's actually my first choice, but I also know it's very competitive, so I won't get my hopes up.

Anyone else applying over there?

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