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Programs w/ human-environment emphasis?


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Here's my list so far: Columbia, Sociocultural anthropology, PhD 

UC Santa Barbara, anthropology MA/PhD

Urbana Champaign, anthropolgy, PhD

Toronto, anthropology, PhD

McGill, MA anthropology (must have MA for PhD)

UC Davis, anthropology PhD (MA on the way)

UC Santa Cruz, PhD anthropology

UVA, anthropology PhD

University of Washington, PhD in anthropology

University of Maryland, anthropology PhD

Yale, anthropology PhD

The New School, MA anthropology (all new students must enter through MA)

MSU – Graduate Specialization in Animal Studies Social Science and Humanities Perspectives 

UT-Austin, PhD anthropology

Any other suggestions? The schools on this list have at least one faculty member who's interested in human-animal stuff. From this list, Washington has the most profs who do environment-human stuff. Emory, on my "cut" list, has a number of people who deal with agrarian studies. Not sure how related that it (I'm interested in human-animal relations).

I want to apply to 12 programs, so as my list stands it's a tad long.

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