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Best PhD programs in education and gamification or educational games?


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Do some reading in this area and look and see where the authors are--these are the places you should go. For a PhD program, it's about the faculty who are there (though there are some programs that focus on gamification at a program level...these will emerge when you do your reading).

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I have a prof who came out of Northwestern.  His work was/is pretty cool.  He's collaborating with colleagues at Wisconsin.  

I'm pleased with my program.  A decent number of students are interested in foreign language ed./design.  

I know folks who have moved to Harvard for post-docs or PhDs (from MAs).

If you already code well, don't overlook the MIT Media Lab; they have an ed tech group called Lifelong Kindergarten.  A classmate in my research group is checking them out.  

Stanford just hosted a conference a couple of weeks ago.  I think they'd deserve a look.

I'm sure there are others.  But, Northwestern, Wisconsin-Madison, Columbia/Teachers College, Harvard, MIT and Stanford are a good start.


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