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Here we go again.. second grad program


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Alright.. so I'm a lifer in academia.  I'm completing a public policy and administration masters this spring and am currently applying to PhD programs in the same field.  I don't need to take the GRE and could really care less about the damn thing.  The annoying thing though is having to dredge up letters of rec and writing a new personal statement.  I can't use the same personal statement as before because I'm now older and wiser with more specific research interests.  It's a pain in the *** but I need to do this.

Anyone else doing something like this?  Glutton for punishment?  Lifer?  Free advice?



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I, too, am heading down this path.  I completed an MEd in 2014 (Havard Graduate School of Education), and have spent the last year working in a research institute in policy and national engagement.  Wanting to advance my qualifications but thinking I am more suited toward a doctorate of practice rather than research, I am apply to Harvard's EdLd program for next fall.  


Totally agree with you on the letters of rec and the personal statement.  I loved my personal statement for my masters program, but obviously can't use the same basic idea even given that I'm applying to the same school.  As far as letters of rec - always the hardest part to me because I hate having to ask anyone to go out of their way on my behalf.  

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